Amvel SmoothAutomatic umbrella (日本品牌 Amvel SmoothAutomatic 自動雨傘)

顏色 / Color



Key features: - Weighs only 248 g ! - Improved design with built-in spring structure, with data showing that less than half of power required to close the umbrella, and pass endurance test of 500 times open-and-close test - UV protection up to 70~90% (depending on the color) - Long-lasting nanotechnology for water-repellent coating - Umbilical bone is made of carbon fiber, which is light weight and durable - Size (L x W x H mm):277 x 38 x 45 - 比起一般 400/500 g 以上的自動開關傘, SmoothAutomatic 只有一半的重量 248 g ! 比起一包紙包飲品更輕 !! - SmoothAutomatic 改良了內置的彈簧結構, 數據証實可減少一半力量就輕易合上, 並合格通過500回開收耐久測試 - 防uv 70~90% (根據傘布顏色而有不同) - 傘布添加了長久型納米技術防水塗層EASY DRY - 只需揮動幾下, 雨傘乾得快 - 輕盈卻異常強壯! 使用碳纖製做的傘骨, 即是颱風級程度也不會吹爛 - 多種顏色選擇, 男女老幼合用

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