AutoBot VX Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (AutoBot VX 便携式吸塵棒)



Key features: With the built-in high power battery and new turbine blade design, AutoBot is a small portable vacuum cleaner but highly efficient, low consumption and strong suction! It is easy to store and use, with its unique dust cover and wireless design. It also can be charged with the cigarette lighter or USB plug inside the car; handy to use in your home, car and office. * Portable and handy * New turbine blade design + detachable brush nozzle * Wireless design * HEPA filter - Size: 57 mm (Length) x 50 mm (Diameter) - Weight: approx. 530 g - Vacuum power: up to 13,000pa - Running time: about 20 min 產品特點 : * 外觀非常小巧(只有57 mm 長 x 50 mm 直徑, 重約: 530 gram) * 採用了二合一的吸嘴設計,無論是收納還是使用都更加方便 * 吸力方面 (達 13,000 pa) 實測日常的家裡和車內使用也足夠 * 易拉罐的握持手感,加上親膚設計的塗層, * 全新的集塵盒設計,加上一鍵打開倒出垃圾的開關,讓垃圾傾倒既方便又不髒手 * 體積重量小了,但續航力維持 (3節動力電池,充滿電約可使用 20 min)