CAPDASE CB Power II (upgraded version) - Telescopic Arm ( Auto Clamp 全自動手機夾) Wireless Charge Car Mount / Car Cradle (Black)



+ CB Power II holder - A sleek cradle design with a Fast + Wireless transmitter - Fully compatible with Qi Standard enabled Smartphones - Intelligent locking system equipped with an infrared inductor - Soft-touch at the top to turn-on automatic side-clamp mechanism - Automatic lock the device securely in place & effortless releasing - Extendable leg for variety size of device ensure well wireless transfer Telescopic Arm - Adjustable arm designed allows extending from 100 to 165mm - Variety distance fits any Windshield and Dashboard for positioning - Strengthen Vacuum suction cup equipped with PU sticky gel substances - Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to optimal viewing - Able to lock securely at Windshield or Dashboard to maximize stability Vent-Clip (optional) - Selective [3 level] clip-on mechanism fits for different thickness of Air Vent blade - Compatible with most of horizontal or vertical Air Vent - Conveniently install and release just only passing by finger - Swivel Ball-head allows rotating joint for fine-tuning to optimal viewing - Rubber pads equipped provide non-slip and avoid scratch to blade Other details: Wired Input: 12V/1.67A; 9V/1.67A; 9V/1.34A Wireless Output: 9V/1.67A; 9V/1.12A; 9V/0.83A; 5V/1A Power: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W Efficiency: ≥ 65% Transmission Distance: ≤6mm **Best performance: 3.5mm Standard: Qi Standard Operating Frequency Range: 110-205 KHz Electric Brush: 50,000+ Times Clamps Width: 55 mm - 90 mm Recharge port: USB-C Battery: 250mAh Clamps width: 55mm – 90 mm Dimension: 120 x 66.8 x 24.5 mm Weight of holder: 140 g