CAPDASE Squarer - Vent Clip Magnetic Car Mount (Space Grey) for AirVent



+ Squarer magnetic mounting holder • High powered Gauss magnets engineered to maximum security and convenience to attach the device without vibrating and wiggling even on the bumpiest road • Instant & automatic grip-on securely when hover the device [placed with metal plate which provided] near the magnetic area, and release just by single-hand • A sleek & compact with cutting square design made by alloy aluminum brings stylish looks • Silicon connecting surface provides anti-slip and scratch proof when attach Smart devices Smart Device connection 2 optional thin metal plates to connect any Smart devices to Squarer magnetic mount: • Round plate with 3M ® adhesive tape attach to the back of your device • Rectangular plate with flannel layer for place between Smart device and its case at desired mounting location and let metal side towards outside Vent-Clip mount [3 level] clip-on fits for different thickness of blade • Easy install and clip-onto blade securely • Conveniently release just passing by finger • Compatible most of horizontal or vertical vent • Ball-head rotating joint for fine-tune views angle • Rubber pads provide non-slip & avoid scratch blade