CAPDASE Tab-X (Sunction Duo) Car Mount (Black)



CAPDASE Tab-X– Suction Duo Car Mount focuses on security and engineered dual vacuum suction cups with secure locking mechanism to maximum security and convenience to attach the device without vibrating and wiggling even on the bumpiest road, expandable clamp compatible with 7” to 10” Tablet either portrait or landscape viewing. It can displays at optimal viewing angle for convenient navigating, audio & video and internet browsing in vehicle (home & office) by swivel ball-head brings rotating joint and adjustable arm. * Tab-X holder - Expandable X-shape clamp compatible with 7 to 10” Tablet - Secure locking mechanism ensure the device stayed tighten - Soften cushion clamps and back engineered protects device - Reduce vibration and prevents slip down with scratch proof * Flip arm with dual suction cups - Adjustable arm allows angle adjustment for preferred positioning - Swivel Ball-head with rotating joint for fine-tune optimal viewing angles - Dual vacuum suction cups locked securely to flat surface to maximize stability

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