EUFY EUFYCAM 2C (Add-On) Smart Security Cam 智能保安攝錄機 (附加鏡頭)



+ 產品包括 1x EUFY EUFYCAM 2C 智能保安攝錄機 (附加鏡頭) * 不包括EUFY HomeBase 無線家庭安全攝像頭系統,一次充電大約180天電池續航力,高清1080p,IP67防風雨,夜視,內置聚光燈(Spotlight)彩色夜視功能,與Amazon Alexa兼容,1x攝像頭 產品特色: * Picture Perfect Surveillance: 以清晰的1080p HD 高清直播和錄製素材。135°對角線視野使您可以準確地看到房屋內部和周圍發生的情況。 * 一次充電可保證半年安全: 一次充電即可享受180天的電池壽命。 * 不容忽略的警報功能: 人體偵測技術使相機能夠智能地偵測身體形狀和臉形輪廓。確保僅有[人](而非流浪貓)靠近時才向您發出警報。 * 為任何天氣做好準備: EUFYCAM 2C具有IP67耐候等級,可抵禦各種惡劣環境。 * EUFYCAM 2C必需配合EUFY HomeBase 一起使用。 產品規格: - 1080p 全高清畫像,清晰直播畫像及錄製影片 - 135° 可視角度 - 一次充電,可使用180日 - AI人型辨別技術,智能辨別人類身體形狀及人面,減少誤報次數 - 可自設偵測動作範圍(10米最長感應範圍;安裝於離地2-3米) - 內置聚光燈,可調節色彩模式 / 紅外線模式,晚間更清晰可視 (最長7.5 米夜視範圍) - 內置16GB 儲存容量 (約3個月分的攝錄影像) - AES-128 資料加密 - IP67 防水防塵,全天侯可用 - 內置麥克風,可鏡頭對象即時對話 - 可於HomeBase增加最多16個Cam - 最長無線範圍:90米(300 ft): 將因應距離、牆身數量、阻擋物材質、及2.4GHz干擾 而有所偏差 - 兼容Amazon Alexa、Apple Home Kit - 支援EUFY Security app (iOS / Android) 方便控制及監察 - 充電時間: 約5 小時 內附: EUFYCAM 2C無線家庭安全攝像頭 x1、支架、Micro USB 充電線、用戶手冊 Product includes: 1x EUFY EUFYCAM 2C Smart Security Cam (Add-On Camera) * EUFY HomeBase is not included Wireless Home Security Camera System, 180-Day Battery Life, HD 1080p, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, 1x Camera, No Monthly Fee Key features: • Picture Perfect Surveillance: Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD. The 135° diagonal field of view allows you to see exactly what is happening in and around your home. • Half-Year Security from 1 Charge: enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge. • The Alerts That Matter - Human detection technology enables the camera to intelligently detect body shape and face pattern. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches. • Ready for Any Weather - With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, EUFYCAM 2C is built to withstand the elements. • Requires EUFY Security HomeBase – EUFYCAM 2C camera requires a HomeBase to operate. Please note, the camera alone will not work. Detailed Specification: - 1080p full HD for crystal-clear live steaming and record - 135° diagonal field of view - 180-Day Battery Life from 1 charge - Human detection technology intelligently detect body shape and face pattern, reduce false alert (Max.10m detection range; hang 2-3m above the ground) - Customize the areas in which the camera will detect motion - Color mode / infrared mode for night vision (built-in spotlight) (Max. 7.5m Night Vision Range) - With 16GB eMMC (Securely store up to 3 months of recordings) - AES-128 data encryption - IP67 Weatherproof - Built-in Speaker for Real-Time Response - Can add up to 16 cameras on the HomeBase - Wireless Range between HomeBase & EUFYCAM: 90m (300 Ft): varies due to the distance, a number of walls, the material of obstacles, and 2.4GHz interference - Compatible with Amazon Alexa、Apple HomeKit - Support EUFY Security app (iOS / Android) enhance system control - Charging Time: 5 hours In the Box: EUFYCAM 2C camera x1, Mount, Micro USB Charging Cable, User Manual

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