Eufy Security SmartTrack Card item finder (T87B2) 防失物裝置

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產品特色: • Apple Find My認證 (注意: 此Apple應用程式不支持Android手機) • 手機處於靜音模式下仍可播放提示音找尋 (App: eufy Security – in Apple Store/Google Play) • 撿到失物的人可掃瞄Card上的二維碼以查看你提供的聯絡資料 (App: eufy Security – in Apple Store/Google Play) • 可使用eufy Security 應用程式與朋友及家人分享位置 • 僅2.4mm薄身,大音量方便確認所在地找尋 • 防止遺留功能 • 附金屬夾子,方便在不同物件上使用 兼容 Apple Find My: 可將SmartTrack Card連接到Apple Find My應用程式, 透過Apple的龐大網絡隨時隨地定位你的物件。 特大聲響: SmartTrack Card只有2.4mm薄身,所發出的聲響也足以在房內聽見,方便使用。 找尋你在靜音模式下的手機: 不用再在家裡翻天覆地找尋你的手機。雙擊SmartTrack Card上的按鈕,就算手機處於靜音模式也會響起,讓你得知手機的位置。(需處於藍牙接收範圍內) 失物聯絡功能: 如遺失了SmartTrack Card連著的物品,你可開啟遺失模式,讓拾獲者掃瞄SmartTrack Card上的QR code,查看你提供的聯絡資料。 與家人朋友分享物品位置: 可透過eufy Security應用程式讓朋友和家人也知道你物品的所在地。 詳細規格: • 兼容系統:iOS (App: Find My/ Eufy Security); Android (Eufy Security) • 產品尺寸: 85 × 54 × 2.4mm • 產品重量: 12.4g • 電池壽命: 最長3年 (內建電池,不可更換) • 防水性能: IPX4 • 內容物: SmartTrack Card, 金屬夾子, 說明書 Product Features: * Work with Apple Find My (Note: this Apple app is not compatible with Android OS device) * Find Your Phone even In Silent Mode (App: eufy security, in Apple Store/Google Play) * Person who finds your item can scan Link's QR code and see only the contact information you share (App: eufy security, in Apple Store/Google Play) * Share location with Friends and Family with the eufy Security app * Ultra Slim design with thickness just 2.4mm * Left-Behind Alerts * Metal clip is attached that makes it more user-friendly Works with Apple Find My: Use the pre-installed Find My* app and add Card to the Items tab.*Note: Android devices are not supported. Ultra-Loud Alarm: Despite being only 2.4mm thick, Card can sound an alarm so loud you can hear it even if it's covered. Water-Resistant with Non-Replaceable and Non-Rechargeable Battery: Card can last up to 3 years and is safe even in the rain with its water-resistant coating. Free Left-Behind Alerts: Avoid losing your belongings with instant alerts via the Find My app - with no added fee. Find Your Phone in Silent Mode: Your phone rings even in Silent mode with just a double tap. Share with Everyone: With the eufy Security app, you can let others know the location of your items too. Other details: - Compatibility: iOS (App: Find My/ Eufy Security); Android (Eufy Security) - Product Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 2.4mm - Product Weight: 12.4g - Battery Life: maximum 3 years (Built-in battery and Non-Rechargeable/Non-Replaceable) - Water Resistant: IPX4 - In the box: SmartTrack Card, Metal Clip, and Quick Start Guide

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