FILTSON compact Air Purifier (Dark Navy) 空氣淨化過濾器 (可車用)



+ Key features: -Three-color light notification (blue / yellow / red, fine dust concentration number) according to air - Equipped with carbon filter to enhance the purification of harmful chemicals - Automatic purification mode, safe and convenient About Filtson's Filter - Application of military carbon filter: Specialized 3-layer filter (Pre filter + Carbon filter for military use + HEPA filter) - Military carbon filter is a laminated carbon filter for military chemicals and defense products. It contains volatile organic compounds (VOC), sarin (GB) and mustard. - Can purify toxic gases such as HD and carbon tetrachloride (CCI4) - A patent application for "mixed activated carbon powder crushed with air filter" (application number: 10-2016-0168360) - H up to 10m 3 / CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is used to quickly remove particles and harmful gases. - Recommended filtering period: 3 months (4 hours of use per day) - The environment is different, the filter replacement cycle is different Suggestions: - 12V or 24V can be used in vehicles and homes - For use at: car cup holder, vehicle armrest, desk, bedroom light in small indoor space - Dimensions: L*W*H: 18*11*6 cm

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