Faitron Heating Lunch Box HeatsBox (瑞士品牌 Faitron 智能加熱飯盒)

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https://www.youtube.com/embed/26c7Gp9UufI The HeatsBox® stands out for the easiness with which it can be used and its flexibility. With it you can eat your meals warm whenever you want. The patent registered innovative and multilateral heating system allows the food to be warmed gently and uniformly. The functioning is controlled via a button or an app. Worldwide first combination of app and lunchbox The HeatsBox® App allows the user to control 3 important parameters: 1. exact temperature of the meal (up to max. 85°C) 2. different heating settings (fast, gentle, toast) 3. timing (for example, meal ready by 12:15) The efficient and odourless heating process allows the device to run with 230V as well as with 12V. Because of its flexibility, the HeatsBox® is perfect for many types of customer groups, like for example office workers, school children & students, truck drivers, etc. Healthy nutrition, effective time and money management and at the same time leading an active and busy life have never been easier to combine than with the HeatsBox®. HeatsBox Specification Unprecedented Smart algorithms built-in - Material: PP, Stainless Steel, Aluminum - Food Safety: Food-grade materials - Heating Technology: Multi-sided heating - Power: 102W - Voltage: 12-240V - Volume: 925ml - Max Temp: 85°C - Ext. Dimensions: 225 x 180 x 74mm - Net Weight:850g