Olympus WS-853 Digital Voice Recorder



https://www.youtube.com/embed/HzJriVZWxxc Fully featured recorder for high performance and ease of use. The WS series established for its clear audio quality and superb operability has been improved. The new WS-853 features a new Intelligent Auto Mode, which is perfect for when there is a distance between the speakers and recorder, such as in large meeting rooms. The recorder optimises the recording level regardless of whether the audio source is near or far, making it possible to record audio that is easy to listen to. Simple Mode has been added to the menu for easy, intuitive controls that are perfect for beginners. The new WS series recorders can be used in a wide range of situations, from students to business users. Key Features: High quality recording With the ease of use found in all WS series recorders, this model achieves a highly realistic stereo feeling thanks to the two low noise, high sensitivity microphones. The new Intelligent Auto Mode provides automatic sensitivity adjustment, and a Low-cut filter removes unnecessary noise from your recordings. Playback functions Featuring an array of playback features to accommodate your needs, such as the Voice Balancer for easy listening through equalisation of volume levels. Usability The new Simple Mode is perfect for beginners as it displays only necessary information in a large font, and shows only key functions in the menu. Other details: Recording media • Internal NAND flash memory: 8GB • microSD card: 2GB to 32GB Speaker • Type: Built-in 20 mm diameter round dynamic speaker • Maximum working output: 250 mW (8 Ω speaker) Jack • Microphone jack: 3.5 mm diameter; Impedance: 2 kΩ • Earphone jack: 3.5 mm diameter; Impedance: 8 Ω or more Power source • Standard voltage: 3 V • Battery: 2x AAA dry cell batteries (model LR03), or two Olympus nickelmetal hydride rechargeable batteries External dimensions: 111.5 mm × 39 mm × 18 mm Weight: 77g (including battery) Operating temperature: 0 to 42°C(32 to 107.6°F)