ShiftCam Revolcam 3-IN-1 Lens Clip (ShiftCam Revolcam 三合一旋轉手機鏡頭)

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With three high quality camera lenses, an adjustable brightness LED and Selfie Mirror, RevolCam is smartphone photography reinvented. RevolCam is an innovate approach to improving your smartphone camera. The compact, easy to use design fits on any smartphone, giving you many creative options. With three lenses that can be swapped in seconds with just a flick of the finger, thanks to the revolving design, this is smartphone photography evolved. The wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses give you incredible options for any situation, including a built-in mirror for high-quality selfies and a detachable LED light for perfect photos in any conditions. RevolCam ensures you can swap lenses with just the flick of a finger in a second. No need to remove anything or waste time swapping lenses when you want to be capturing the shot. With our RevoLens design, you simply revolve the lenses to choose the one you want. The lenses are automatically centered perfectly when you use them, so you have ALL the creative options available, ALL the time. Lightweight so you can take it anywhere, the bright, easy to use LED Light clips on and off RevolCam with ease. When the sun goes down there is no need to stop when you have this amazing light to hand. Get the high-quality photos your memories deserve whatever the conditions, create macro shots like the professionals and make sure your selfies look as good as they can every time with the included LED Light. RevolCam puts you in control, and that includes the light! With 230 levels of light available, adjusted manually and just a touch away, you always have the light you need for perfect photos. From fill light to night time portraits, lighting will never be a problem again. We all know the best camera on your smartphone is on the back, so why do we have to take selfies with the front one? With its built-in selfie mirror, RevolCam lets you use the best camera for the best feature – You! See just what you are shooting with the mirror and get the perfect selfie in the highest-quality your phone can manage every time.