SonarPen Smartpen - Pressure Sensitive Smart Stylus Pen (SonarPen 智能繪圖筆)

顏色 / Color



Sonarpen 智能繪圖筆(come from Kickstarter) - 無需電源 - 無需藍牙及wireless配對 - 超敏感壓力筆 - 兼容各大免費繪圖APP - 支援IOS / Android 平板及手機 - 3.5" 頭連接方便易用 - 10款顏色 KEY FEATURES: * Pressure Sensing Control your stroke width naturally, allowing your hand to write your mind. * Palm Rejection Just like writing on paper, rest your hand on the screen intuitively. Shortcut Button Switch between frequently used functions with a click. * Plug and play SonarPen connects to the iPad by an audio cable. No pairing required, just plugin and be creative. * Battery-less operation Powered by your iPad's audio port, the SonarPen doesn't contain an internal battery, therefore will never need to be recharged, ever. * Magnetic pen holder Bundled with a magnetic pen holder that sticks on the back of your iPad. Bring your stylus everywhere you go. * Built-in Cable management Roll up the cable in 10 seconds, SonarPen is always neat and tidy.

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