Steelseries Apex PRO # 64626 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard (機械式電競鍵盤 # 64626)



+ Key features: * The World’s Fastest Switch Magnetic sensors provide significantly faster response time than traditional mechanical switches, and can be adjusted as low as 0.4mm, achieving the world's fastest featherlight actuation. * Adjustable Actuation Mechanical Switches Instead of the traditional fixed actuation switches, OmniPoint switches can be adjusted to register at any point from 0.4-3.6mm, allowing for zeroing in on the perfect actuation for different games and typing styles. * 100 Million Keypress Guarantee With no points of direct physical contact, OmniPoint magnetic switches don't wear down or degrade over time, allowing for consistent performance for over 100 million keypresses. * OLED Smart Display Adjust settings and viewon-the-fly info straight from your game, music, or Discord...all without tabbing out of your game. * Five On-Board Profiles Software-free customization for saving up to 5 unique profiles locally on the keyboard, from game to game and on-the-go, including actuation distance, per-key RGB, and more. * Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest A simple magnetic solution for easy and secure attachment, full palm support, and a durable soft touch finish. * Dedicated Multimedia Controls A clickable metal roller and media keys allow you to adjust volume and settings on the fly: change brightness, rewind, skip, pause and more, all at the touch of a button. * USB Passthrough Port and Cable Routing Avoid crawling behind your desk: insert a flash drive, wireless transmitter, or USB device directly into the keyboard, and choose where the cable exits the keyboard. * Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy The Series 5000 metal frame is manufactured for a lifetime of unbreakable durability and sturdiness. 賽睿 SteelSeries Apex Pro 機械式電競鍵盤首創可調整機械式按鍵,用於客製化每按鍵靈敏度。相比其他鍵盤快 8 倍速反應,快 5 倍速啟動,及多 2 倍的耐用度。OLED 智慧顯示螢幕傳遞直接來自遊戲和應用程式提供的資訊。又有系列 5000 航太等級鋁合金框架,以及可拆卸觸感柔軟磁性腕托。每一個按鍵都可以隨自己的喜好調整符合你需求的靈敏度,不論是用於遊戲、工作、或其他任何事情。