allocacoc LightStrip Touch | Touch | Desk, Dimmable, Touch Strip Control, Slide to Adjust Brightness, LED Table Lamp (荷蘭品牌 allocacoc LightStrip Touch 8段光階手滑燈)

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Touch & swipe controls to dim the light or extend the light strip The LightStrip Touch has a unique way of controlling your light: slide along the top with your finger to illuminate more LEDs. This is a very natural feeling to adjust the light. Freer, adjustable light angles with a flexible and modular stand The joint allows for more flexibility: you can freely adjust the angle of the lampstand to optimally light your working area. You can also adjust the direction of the beam, which enables you to use indirect light to create a warmer atmosphere. Transform it into an ambient light pillar When you swipe the touch bar you can slide it until all the LEDs are lit and transform it into a desk lamp. Other varieties are also possible: when you fully erect the lamp body and reduce the brightness it can be used as an ambient light column. Modular design Extend the LightStrip with up to 2 extra LightStrips to create an extended desktop light or a unique hanging light. The LightStrip is compatible with various modular fixtures and stands The light strips can either be used standalone or combined and can be expanded to a maximum of three modules. With different brackets, they can be turned into wall lights, table lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps or even chandeliers. High-grade aluminium body The aluminium alloy body feels sturdy and lightweight while providing a qualitative look. 荷蘭allocacoc LightStrip Touch 手滑燈不用開關按鍵的,開關、調光大小只需觸控, 2019年德國紅點設計獎! - 滑動觸控八段燈光 - 可用作檯燈、床頭燈,也可以是情境燈 - 可串聯使用,大桌面也完全沒問題 - USB 便捷供電系統 - 全角度變換設計 - 可使用十年以上的 LED 燈組設計(無需換燈泡) - 全鋁合金外殼設計有黑色, 銀色選擇.